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st Andrews Club LondonClubs like St Andrew’s have been important social drivers, pre-empting reform and improving the lives of the less fortunate in society, they serve as a foundation for local communities and as a hub for individual achievement.

It was founded in 1866 with the spirit of Victorian philanthropy for the young working men of London struggling to survive during the Industrial Revolution. Boys from the ages of 12 to 18 paid their wages into the Club and in return received an education, a place to stay and a rigorous sports programme.

St Andrew’s pre-eminence in youth work continued into the 20th Century, with the desire to improve the lives of London’s disadvantaged young workers outweighed by any financial burdens incurred.

In September 1984, our current premises, Alec Wizard House, was opened by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. St Andrew’s continues to provide exciting and meaningful programmes for over 700 members each year. It continues to meet the demands of the day with innovation and invention while holding onto proven practices that have worked for more than 150 years – a priceless community asset.