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Pizza Express Live: Pheasantry, Chelsea London

The Pheasantry is an historic Georgian building originally used to raise pheasants for the royal household. 

It's had many distinguished residents including Augustus John and Annigoni. Famous ballerina Serafima Alexandrovna Astafieva opened her school here on the first floor in 1916. She taught prima ballerinas Alicia Markova and Margot Fonteyn here.

It was also the home of Eleanor Thornton, thought to have been the model for The Spirit of Ecstasy mascots on the bonnets of Rolls Royce cars.

Dylan Thomas used to drink here when it was a club in the 1930's.

In 1976 the six-year campaign to save The Pheasantry from dereliction reached a peak. Under the patronage of Sir John Betjeman, the Friends of The Pheasantry wanted the building restored with residential studios, an art gallery, and exhibition space. They were not successful in preventing the adjoining development, but the front and gateway of the Pheasantry survived, heavily restored, as part of the rebuilding of 1971-81, forming a restaurant hemmed in by shops and offices. 

The Pheasantry nightclub was the venue for early UK gigs by Lou Reed, Queen (band) and Hawkwind, among others, and was the place where singer Yvonne Elliman was discovered by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, leading to her role in the original soundtrack recording of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Eric Clapton lived on the top floor in the late 1960's. In his latest autobiography he tells of visits from George Harrison where they would take acid and write songs. On one occasion Eric narrowly avoided arrest on drug charges by fleeing out of the back of the building just as Sergeant Norman Pilcher, a detective with a knack for arresting rock stars, buzzed the intercom with 'postman, special delivery' and burst in.

It now houses Pizza Express on the ground floor and in the basement is the stylish Pheasantry music room seating 80 diners with a superb stage, sound and lighting equipment where JBGB Events bring superb musicians for individual evenings and series of cabaret presentations.

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Upcoming Events

Return of <br>Clare Teal <br>with Jason Rebello <br>6pm Show

Return of
Clare Teal
with Jason Rebello
6pm Show

Jazz The Pheasantry

Thu 27th Jun 2024 6PM

Return of <br>Clare Teal <br>with Jason Rebello <br>9pm Show

Return of
Clare Teal
with Jason Rebello
9pm Show

Jazz The Pheasantry

Thu 27th Jun 2024 9PM

Claire Martin <br>with Rob Barron

Claire Martin
with Rob Barron

Jazz The Pheasantry

Thu 25th Jul 2024 8PM